Immersion 2014

The Nectar of Awareness 2014 immersion was an unquestionably transformational experience. Coming out the other side, the world feels completely different: radiant, harmonious, bursting with beauty in the smallest detail. ~ Immersion graduate

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100 Hour Immersion with Christopher Hareesh Wallis- Spring Term

Images from Immersion 2012

Images from Immersion 2012- Photos by © 2013 Janet Caliri

February 2- June 1, 2014

  • West Kula: Sunday evenings  San Francisco
  • East Kula: Tuesday evenings West Oakland, monthly Sunday workshop

Prerequisite: What is Awakening? or recording (or equivalent)

Not Local? We are offering this program Online to a limited number of dedicated students. Information HERE.

Yoga poses are great!… but then what? from Mattamayura Institute on Vimeo.

Christopher Hareesh Wallis offers a 100 hour Immersion into Tantrik philosophy and practice, based on a powerful sampling of teachings and practices translated from original Sanskrit; weekly for four months with a 4 day closing retreat.

This is for students who are eager to take their practice to a deeper level as well as experienced students who wish to explore the benefits of continued commitment to a daily rhythm of practice with regular community gatherings.

This is more than a course: it is a complete immersion, a total process, a well-rounded spiritual and educational experience designed to bring about a permanent shift.

“Having been a spiritual seeker for 40 years, this course is quite simply the best thing I have ever done. It fed me on every level: intellect, heart, soul and body-mind… Do yourself a favor and sign up!” ~Michelle, Immersion Graduate

About the Immersion:

This immersion is a unique opportunity to gain a thorough grounding in the Tantrik View teachings that are traditionally understood to be a prerequisite to successful practice with an inspiring and approachable teacher that is both a decorated scholar and a long time practitioner.

We will gather in community with frequency to go deep into the teachings in an environment extremely nurturing to your practice. You will be presented with numerous Yogic techniques to incorporate into a transformative daily practice which creates the foundation for awakening to your potential.

May 2012

Immersion SF location 2012- Photos by © 2013 Janet Caliri

The Immersion Includes

    • Lucidly presented wisdom teachings
    • Complete Yogic lifestyle guide
    • Powerful awareness cultivation & Energy body practices
    • Individualized guidance with  tailored practices
    • Mantra and Kirtan
    • audio recordings of practices and all content
    • illuminating reading and writing assignments
    • practicing in community and well organized support

presented during:

*A Certificate of Completion is awarded in Yoga Philosophy and practice which can be used to apply for CEU with Yoga registries.

About the Faculty:

Christopher Hareesh Wallis

Christopher Hareesh Wallis teaching balances accuracy with accessibility, profundity with clarity, and intellectual integrity with heart-expanding inspiration. As a gifted scholar, Hareesh holds a Masters in Sanskrit from U.C. Berkeley, an M.Phil. in Classical Indian Religions from the University of Oxford, and he is submitting his doctoral dissertation at Berkeley on the traditions of Tantrik Shaivism in December 2013. He has received traditional Yogic education at ashrams in India, Thailand, and New York and teaches internationally on meditation, yoga philosophy, Sanskrit, and mantra science. He recently published Tantra Illuminated, the only thorough introduction to Shaiva Tantra that is accessible to non-academics, and is the founder and head faculty of The Mattamayura Institute.


Dates 2014:

This program is offered concurrently at two locations, Oakland and San Francisco, students choose one. Absences can be made up by attending the other location.

note changes in red 

July 2011

Immersion 2011

Oakland- Shakti House 1020 Union Street 

All classes Tuesdays 630-9p at Shakti House unless otherwise noted

  • February 2: 6-930p in SF Location
  • February 11, 18, 25
  • March 4, 11, 18, 25
  • April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
  • May 6, 13, 20, 27
  • Retreat May 29-June 1   Thursday- Sunday Lake County, CA
  • Feb 9, Mar 9, Apr 13, May 11 Workshops in SF 330-630p

San Francisco- Shanta Shala 355 Roosevelt Way

All classes Sundays 630-9p at Shanta Shala unless otherwise noted

  • February 2: 6-930p 
  • February 9, 16, 23
  • March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
  • April 6, 13, 20, 27
  • May 418, 25 
  • Retreat May 29-June 1   Thursday- Sunday Lake County, CA
  • Feb 9, Mar 9, Apr 13, May 11 Practice Workshops  330-630p
  • May 13 Special class in Oakland location 630-9p

[] Sutra Study 630-9p listed in Regular Font  

[] Practice Workshops 330-9p, meal included

No more than 3 absences allowed. Closing Retreat and first class Mandatory. All absences recoverable through attending same class at alternate location and listening to audio recordings.


  • Tuition: $1400
  • Retreat: $550

Total Program Cost: $1950

Early bird $150 Tuition discount if paid in full by December 15, 2013.

To Apply:

Email your application to, subject heading: Immersion 2014 Application

In a succinct, open and authentic voice explain:

  • Why do you want to take the Immersion?
  • What do you hope to receive from taking it?
  • How will your presence contribute to the community?
  • Describe briefly your *current* practice.
  • Anything else in particular we should consider in your application?
  • Will you be attending in Oakland or SF?
  • If you are also applying for a scholarship, please include a scholarship application
  • If you would like to sponsor a fellow student, you can pledge any amount to the Scholarship fund.

We will be in contact via email regarding your application.

More Testimonials

“…almost every single person the immersion testified that it was a life-changing experience. Nothing could possibly exemplify the significance of transmission vs. teaching better than the 25 glowing faces I had the blessing to witness at our closing retreat….” ~Hareesh in Interview Read more: Article at Bay written by Hareesh

“[This Immersion] is an opportunity to dive deeply into a Tantrik Sadhana as well as integrate the insights and openings of continuous practice into our urban lives and relationships. The format allows a digestion and integration of spiritual teachings over a year that unfolds more deeply than on a retreat or workshop away from daily life. Chris Wallis is the most available and caring teacher I have had the honor of working with and I feel deeply grateful to have a wise guide and friend. This immersion echos a feeling for the experience of being part of a Tantrik kula a thousand years ago, practicing deeply within a small community with direct guidance and support from a wise friend.”   ~Raia, 2011 Immersion Graduate, Berkeley CA

“Nothing has brought me greater joy than supporting the incredible personal transformations that occur during and after the Immersion. This program offers precious depth and integrity for the seeker finding their way through the spiritual landscape.” ~ Cristina, program director