The Mattamayura Institute

Explore.  Engage.  Awaken.

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Full Peacock

The Mattamayūra Institute offers the curious yoga practitioner the opportunity to study Yoga in a deeper way, to expand the understanding of Yoga to a way of life and experience the joy of full engagement with the path of awakening to one’s essential nature. It is our experience that these Yogic teachings and practices change lives. We invite you to  Explore  the benefits.

We offer workshops, retreats, intensives, immersions, self-study programs, audio recordings, publications, and multifaceted events as a collaboration of multiple faculty of the highest quality to guide students through an exploration of their own nature. 

What is our name about?

Mattamayūra was a University in Ancient central India offering the teachings of Classical Śaiva Tantra, a Yogic tradition that dominated Asia for over 600 years a millennium ago and creates the foundation for this modern movement. It was a center for community, spirituality, learning, and effective research into every facet of life and consciousness. Yoga is Science, and this tradition possesses highly effective teachings and technologies for human spiritual transformation. These teachings are particularly relevant for our time, and modern postural yoga practitioners are primed to reap the benefits. The goal of the Mattamayūra Institute is to revive the ancient value of deep learning and practice woven into the fabric of daily life. We invite you to Engage.

Matta- mayūra (Mah-tah-my-yer-ah) is Sanskrit and translates to “drunken peacock.” It refers to the effulgent beauty of embodiment intoxicated with the bliss of pure Awareness. It is braiding the transcendent with the imminent. It is your daily life, the nitty-gritty of every moment, integrated fully with spirituality, and that is beautiful!

You can also just call us “MMI”.

What does your life look like when you live from the deepest Truth you have realized? Awaken.

                 Sarvesham Shantir bhavatu : May all beings be at peace