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Led with scholarly integrity, humor, compassion, and rich in practices with true relevance for the modern world, I have no hesitation in recommending The Mattamayūra Institute to anyone seeking an authentic and effective path to awakening.” ~ Joshua, Minnesota


What is the purpose of Yoga? from Mattamayura Institute on Vimeo.

Full Peacock

Are you driven to know yourself fully? Do you seek greater harmony in your life and relationships? What does it mean to continue to mature and grow throughout a lifetime?

The Mattamayūra Institute’s aim is to offer any curious soul the opportunity to explore what it means to live an awakened life. We offer practical rigorous programs that bring you into an experience of alignment, balance, and joy. It is our experience that these Nondual teachings and practices change lives. We invite you to  Explore  the benefits.

What does your life look like when you live from the deepest Truth you have realized? Engage.

MMI partners with TRU Education to offer workshops, retreats, courses, immersions, self-study programs, audio recordings, publications, and multifaceted events as part of our no-fluff programming. We are a collaboration of multiple inspiring and lucid faculty of the highest quality guiding students through an exploration of their own nature and full engagement of living the modern life awake. Visit for an exploration of our courses.

What is our name about?

“Matta-mayūra” was one of many ancient Universities in India offering the teachings of Classical Śaiva Tantra, a science of transformation that permeated Asia for over 600 years a millennium ago. These were holistic centers for community, spirituality, learning, and effective research into consciousness and every facet of human life. This tradition defined Yoga, which is a Science born from the premise that consciousness is primary and material is a manifestation of that.* What happens when you have generations of nationally funded scientists studying reality from this stance? What emerged is a body of published and orally transmitted knowledge containing highly effective teachings and technologies for human transformation and mastery. 

The goal of the Mattamayūra Institute is to share these and other effective technologies with clarity and integrity so they can be woven into the fabric of modern life. We utilize Śaiva and other nondual sciences and the experiences of people who are living the result of the practice. We invite you to Awaken.

Matta- mayūra (Mah-tah-my-yer-ah) is Sanskrit and translates to “drunken peacock.” It refers to the beauty of embodiment intoxicated with the sweetness of pure consciousness. It is your daily life, the nitty-gritty of every moment, integrated fully with the deeper essence of life, and that is beautiful!

You can also just call us “MMI”.

Hareesh and Cristina have constructed a program steeped in wisdom, acceptance, and careful guidance that invites all involved to explore and discover the richness of a balanced life. With a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, they continually offer the most generous of gifts to the world through the Mattamayura Institute.”  Kevin, Paris France

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Sarvesham Shantir bhavatu : May all beings be at peace

* Note that the Western Science has the opposite premise: Materiality is primary and consciousness is a manifestation of that. Though the creation of material technologies is quite impressive, there has been nearly no progress in creating a coherent model that produces consciousness from materiality, and no explicit logic beyond preference and bias as to why this should be held as the base assumption of all science. Cutting edge cognitive science and the holes in modern physics are pointing to the need for this shift in stance. See the work of  Dr Donald Hoffman UC Irvine.